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8 Aspects to consider before buying Action Cameras

Post by : Ghirish Chibba December 23, 2016 0 Comment

Action cams used to be the favourite plaything of sports fanatics or adventure lovers but they did not enjoy the similar kind of reverence among the rest. In the present times, yet, it is that cool gadget, which every person wants to own. Before buying one, common people are advised to conduct a little research about this exceptional device.

An action cam is a digital camera, which is specifically designed for filming the act while being engrossed in it. Interested people could find diverse brands and models as it has gained widespread popularity throughout the world. There are certain things which aspiring customers must consider before buying this interesting gadget. Some of those suggestions are mentioned in the following discussion.

Factors to Take into Account when Buying an Action Camera


  1. Video Quality is a chief factor to consider before buying this device. 4K is the highest and quality resolution available in most of the cameras. 1080p and 720p are the next resolutions.
  2. An action camera could also be used for capturing still images. If customers are planning to do so, they must also consider the image quality. High megapixels would certainly provide higher picture resolution. But, these amazing gadgets allow the user to optimize their picture, in accordance to their requirements.
  3. People must choose the lightest model so that it could be carried easily from one place to another. There are varied shapes of action cameras. Certain comes in box-shaped convenient for chest mounting while some others come in bullet-shape, ideal for helmet mounting.
  4. One must choose a camera, which is long-lasting and could endure any sort of condition. Thus, durability is a prime feature, which customers must consider before buying an action cam. Weatherproof cameras could be easily used during heavy rainfall or snowfall.
  5. The next aspect that needs consideration is the field of view (FOV). FOV could be defined as that area, which a camera captures in a given moment. Certain cams allow customers to choose among wide, medium and narrow FOV; while others only have wide footage. Customers must remember that wide angles could make a picture distorted.
  6. People must choose cams with extended battery life so that they could use it for prolonged periods. Most of the cams offer 1 to 3 hours of continual use before they are needed to be charged.
  7. The performance of this device depends on its memory card. Without a swift memory, issues of shaky footage and dropped frames would appear.
  8. One must also look for suitable accessories before buying an action cam. There are many brands available and one such exceptional and popular brand name is GoPro. The compatible go pro accessories would allow customers to use the cams on any occasion.


It would be a wise decision to keep all these above-mentioned points in the back of one’s mind before buying an action camera.

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