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About Us


Back in 2012, two high school sweethearts decided to take a risk.  Given their status as students of computer science, they already had a bright future ahead. But they decided not to settle for mediocrity, and so they did something that really matters to them. Establishing their own company!

This is how’s journey began. Starting from covers for Macbooks to smartwatch accessories, we have a massive range of tech accessories for our customers. The business expanded in 2016 when it was introduced on the marketplace.

When of the owners graduated in 2016, he started to run the business on a full-time basis. The business grew gradually, and now we have great presence on platforms such as, and


Mission and Vision

Just like us, we don’t want our customers to settle with mediocrity as well. We want them to be different, unique and trend setters. That’s why our products are designed and developed in a way that will give our customers’ tech gadgets and devices an entirely distinct look that can’t be found anywhere else.

We excel in quality, honesty and relationship. We consider our customers to be the heart of our business and we want to make sure that they are not simply buying a product but also a sense of authority.

In the upcoming years, we aim to include many more products and accessories to broaden our customer base. We do believe that our honesty and result-oriented strategy will take us there.


Why Us?

We are a locally based company in South Africa. We have served thousands of customers who would highly recommend us. But other than that, we are the tech trend setters in the country.

When a new tech device launches, it might get difficult to find accessories right away. We do proper market research on upcoming products, and make sure that our customers receive the best accessories right at the moment the new device is released. This way our customers are never left behind when it comes to tech trends.

And lastly, our product quality is unmatchable at the same pricing. So, it does not only make your gadgets look trendy, but it also keeps your pocket healthy with us. Excellent customer service is just a bonus which you will definitely receive!