BUYITALL.TODAY is a South African online technology accessories store.

We are known for our quality products and our affordable prices.

Our customers satisfaction is one of our most important goals and we strive to give you a pleasant online shopping experience.

BUYITALL.TODAY was founded in 2013 where it was ran under the name of OneStop TechShop.

The store was originally ran from a home in Cape Town, South Africa.

In June 2014, we launched our online store OneStop TechShop where our main focus was on Macbook and iPhone covers and accessories.

Towards the end of 2015 we underwent rebranding from OneStop TechShop to With the rebranding came about a product range expansion.

Why the rebranding?

In order to grow, we decided that it was important to undergo rebranding.

Our main focus was to expand our product range in order to meet all of our customers needs which resulted in us stocking the following new products: Action Cameras, action camera accessories, iPad covers and Baby monitors.

The new name better reflects our brand because we do wish to expand our product range even further than just technology related products, so that you really can buy it all.