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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Action Cameras and Camcorders

Post by : Ghirish Chibba August 21, 2017 0 Comment

A typical action camera, in general, is lightweight and small in size. Most importantly they are portable, mountable and wearable. Users can mount this type of cameras wherever they want. From skateboards to bicycle, from surfboards to helmets users can mount it anywhere. In fact, they are also mountable on different body parts, drones and even on pets, if you want.

They are specially designed for trivial use. As a result, they come with simple settings that mainly include three buttons – power button, setting button, start & stop recording button. Most of the action cameras are also equipped with a small LCD screen where you can access the settings and see some information about your camera. However, few of them are also equipped with a screen where you can see your recorded video also.

If you are passionate about action cameras and your savings allow you to buy one then it is the right time to find one. But before you choose a camera it is important to understand the different parameters of an action camera that set its bench mark. Continue reading to know a comprehensive guide to buying action cameras.

Best Action Cameras Buying Guide

In the below section I have listed some of the most useful specifications and features of an action camera. Before you buy one, check whether they match the below standards or not:

Resolution and FPS:

Before digging the internet and finding out some camera reviews it is important to understand which type of camera you actually want. And here you have to consider first frame rates and then resolution of the camera. This type of cameras can capture video from 30 to 120 frames per second (FPS). Frame speed matters when it comes to creating dramatic scenes. Video captured in 120 FPS can be pace down and play at a 1/4th speed smoothly. In order to capture and give your video a cinematic look, you will need a camera that offers 24 FPS capturing option.

Sj4000 plus Action Camera

After the frame rates, users also have to consider the resolution and the video (picture) quality of the camera. So they are suggested to look for a camera that has the ability to capture videos in 4K resolution or at least 1080P resolution. YI’s latest action camera has the ability to capture 4K+ videos. Currently, this is the only action camera in the market that can capture 4K video at 60 FPS.

Battery Backup:

A camera with a non-removable battery is not good enough because they cannot assist you in the long tours. So if you want to look for a camera that you can use beyond the time limit, then it is suggested to look for an action camera that comes with removable and rechargeable batteries.

Dual 2 Battery USB Charger GoPro


Before buying an action camera, owners are also suggested to keep their specific needs in mind. It is true that sports cameras are mountable but not all the cameras are suitable for every sport. Especially if you want to capture under water sports moments such as free diving, scuba diving etc. then you must need a water proof camera for underwater photography. On the other hand, different drones are equipped with different gimbal mounts. So before you end up buying an action camera make sure it will satisfy your need.

Chest Mount -Compatible with GoPro

Memory Capacity:

Some of the latest cameras do not allow its user to insert memory cards for increasing the storage capacity. So if you buy one like that then you have to compromise with little internal storage. So be aware of buying a camera like that. Still, if you have to buy one then make sure it is at least equipped with 32 GB storage space.

So these were the four things that you must check before buying an action camera. Following these tips will help you to choose the most suitable sports cam that will solve your specific photographic needs.

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