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Orders on "ON HOLD"

We have received your order. 1. You have not made payment yet. 2. You have made EFT payment but the payment has not cleared in our account as yet. Paying from another bank to our FNB account may take a few days. Once the payment reflects, your order will be changed to processing.

Orders on "PROCESSING"

Your payment has been received and is cleared in our account. We are now getting your order ready to be shipped. This processing time can take between 2-3 working days.

Banking details

SEND PROOF OF PAYMENT TO PAYMENTS@BUYITALL.TODAY Account name: SA group Bank: FNB Account Number: 62646900896 Branch Code: 250655 Use your order number as your reference

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Can you deliver between or at a specific time?

Delivery takes place between 8am-5pm on working days only. Please contact the courier with your tracking number to arrange a delivery time that best suits you. Please do not contact buyitall for this.

Does delivery come to my door?

Yes, all courier options offered provide door- to – door delivery.