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In-Depth Analysis of USB-C Port – Everything You Need to Know

Post by : Ghirish Chibba August 26, 2017 0 Comment

Apple is always best known for introducing latest innovations in the consumer electronics industry. So if you need a slim laptop than the one you already have then the manufacturer has already on their way to make this happen. The thickest portion of the MacBook Pro has a width of 14.9 mm. So they were needed a special type of connector that could connect the motherboard of the laptop with the rest of the system. It would not have been possible to manage the design without USB-C. Below discussed are some of the striking information related to the USB-C cable.

What It Is

USB Type-C is commonly referred to USB-C. This is a 24-pin USB connector that allows users to transport both power and data. USB Implementers Forum has developed, shaped and certified this type of connector. The forum counts over seven hundred member companies including Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Samsung, HPI etc. All major PC manufacturers have rapidly accepted USB-C technology.

USB-C and USB 3.1

The default protocol of USB 3.1 is same with USB-C. All the devices that are compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are able to communicate with MacBook port.

You Will Need a Hub for Sure

If you use USB 3.1 port for charging your laptop then you will need to invest on converters or hubs for opening up the MacBook for the external peripherals. You can also buy USB-C for MacBooks (USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter) for connecting your laptop to any 1080p HDMI display.

USB-C adapter for MacBooks

It is Only Look like Micro USB

This type of connector looks like a Micro USB at the first glance. However, USB-C is shaped more oval and has a thicker shape. The cable has the same connector on both the ends. So users do not have to pay much attention to decide which end will go where.

The Era of Thunderbolt Cable Has Not Ended Yet

A few years ago Apple had introduced Thunderbolt connectors for Mac but recently USB 3.1 port is the new big thing in the market. So you might think that Thunderbolt protocol has disappeared. But in the recent Mobile World Congress, USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) has officially announced that there is a possibility for carrying Thunderbolt protocol on USB 3.1 optical and copper wires. In that case, you can expect data delivery speed at 20 GBPS.

The Future of iPhones and iPads with USB 3.1

The cable is not compatible yet with mobile devices but it is expected that USB 3.1 will offer some special benefits with iPhones and iPads. For example, USB 3.1 has the ability to support the forthcoming MHL technology (Mobile HD Link) which can stream 4K videos from smart devices to 4K TVs.

The USB Connection Can Get Even More Faster

The current speed of USB 3.1 is around 20 GBPS. You may think that the speed is enough. However, USB Implementers Forum has completely different thought about it. They believe its speed can be even more enhanced with copper wire.

Do Users Need a USB C?

These days the absence or presence of USB-C port plays a crucial role and influence the buying decision of consumers. Some of the latest laptops like MacBook Pro, HP Spectre x360 13-w023dx, ZenBook 3 are equipped with USB-C port. Some of the most common types of USB-C cables are USB-C to DVI, USB-C to Ethernet, USB-C to HDMI, and USB-C to VGA etc. You can buy the best USB-C adapter from our product archive.

You might not need a USB-C cable for the time being but currently, we are standing at the dawn of next generation cross-platform connectors. So in the sooner future, you will need a USB-C cable for sure.

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