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Fitbit Releases the Charge 3, and It Has More Than Just ‘Quick Replies’ Features

Post by : admin April 14, 2019 0 Comment

By the end of last year, Fitbit had released the Charge 3, which has some interesting features and upgrades that will surely be enjoyed by anyone who is always on the go.

The new and upgraded features are as follows:

• The user can receive smartphone app notifications directly to the device. Supported apps such as Facebook and Uber can be linked to the Charge 3, thus reading notifications does not require pulling out your smartphone from your pocket or purse to read them.

• It can receive text messages directly from your smartphone. If you are an Android smartphone user, you can also directly reply to it using your Fitbit Charge 3. They can send quick and short replies of up to five custom or pre-populated replies that have 60 or fewer characters. For iPhone users, they are only limited to reading them through the Charge 3.

• Accepting/receiving calls will be easier with the Charge 3, as you can directly accept or reject calls through the new Fitbit Charge 3. There is no need for your connected smartphone to be pulled out of your pocket.

• It also has new built–in features/apps such as alarms, a timer and even weather forecast and actual monitoring. This then offers more features that you can use and enjoy while you are on the go with your Fitbit Charge 3.

• It has better and more advanced health and fitness features for fitness buffs out there. There is now goal–based exercise modes which include yoga, swimming and running. With its new swim mode, the gadget will be able to monitor your swim time (laps, pace etc.), and it can be obtained in real time.

• Last but not least, the new Charger 3 has interchangeable Fitbit bands which can be customized to fit your fancy. We offer a Fitbit variety for you to choose from that you can mix and match depending on your mood, your activity or if you just plainly want to have something new for your Fitbit. We have a wide range of bands that are available in different base materials (leather, silicone, metal) and are available in a wide variety of colors.

For more information about our Fitbit bands, please feel free to contact us any time for inquiries.

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