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GoPro Hero 5 Accessories – The Requisites for Travel Enthusiasts

Post by : Ghirish Chibba January 19, 2018 0 Comment

The world of photography has drastically changed after the introduction of high-end and modern cameras in the market. Photographic enthusiasts are continuously searching for something that offers them with an immense joy of taking exclusive pictures. In this regard, the name of GoPro action cameras remains on the top of the list.

This particular product has turn out to be a revolution in the photographic industry and it has changed the entire way people used to take pictures. This post mainly deals with different accessories of the camera that every traveler or adventure junkie should carry while planning a vacation. But before that let’s have a brief intro about the camera.

About the Camera

The first piece was sold in 2004 and it was introduced as waterproof 25mm film camera. The purpose behind the launch of this camera was to shot action sports and since then these cameras have become the world’s best-selling action cameras. Since its inception, the makers have launched a number of series and out of all one of the most popular ones was GoPro Hero 5.

The best thing about these cameras is that they are portable, light in weight and offer a video with a resolution up to 4K. Apart from that, one feature that makes them highly popular among its users is that these cameras can be taken anywhere and can be attached to almost anything. Now let’s focus on the accessories that make the photographic experience even more popular.

  1. Additional Batteries

Why additional batteries are listed on the top of the list because they help the users to get the uninterrupted power supply to capture amazing footages. In case you run out of juice all of a sudden then you will not have much use of the camera. In a bid to continue the photo shooting experience it is always good to carry a minimum of 2 additional batteries along with the one already fitted inside the camera.

In case you make use of LCD screen or a remote, it becomes inevitable for the users to have spare batteries of high quality. When it comes to GoPro batteries, you will never run short of the choices. So, be wise and choose the right one.

  1. Charger

Although seems too silly and obvious, most of the people forget to carry the charger of the batteries. In addition, it becomes when you are traveling with more than one battery. If you plan to charge the batteries along with the camera attached, it will hours to get the job done. But having 2 batteries will offer you with full power to capture the moments.


  1. Pole or a Selfie Stick

You cannot pretend or ignore the fact that you do not take selfies. Well, there is no wrong in that and each one of us likes to have a self-taken image in front of the mighty peak or deep blue ocean or any other attraction where you are planning to visit. All you need to have is a pole or a selfie stick.

Selfie sticks or poles are best when they are good quality and it should have factors like – they will be light in weight, they will resist a drop, will afloat in the water. Apart from that, other factors are also there that should be considered before getting one such as –

  • How far it can get extended
  • Do the devices float in water
  • Does it offers a sturdy grip on your hands
  • What about the build quality and material used
  • Does it have an inbuilt battery

  1. GoPro Gimbal

Well, this is something that will be bit expensive; it may even cost more than the price of the camera (of course of high quality). Whatsoever the price is, the results will be simply astonishing. It is true that nothing could be worse than having shaky image or footage and every each of your steps translate with the sound of your feet.

In most of the cases, people fail to pay attention on keeping the camera steady and thus they end up with having shaky, bouncing as well swaying video. Having 3-axis gimbal will allow you to have a smooth cinematic look that will make you come up with an expression “aaaaaaahhh too good”.  We all want the same right? Because of all such reasons, it has become one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing GoPro Hero 5 Accessories.

  1. A Case or a Bag Pack

When you have got an amazing set of the camera along with some great accessories, it is better to have bag pack. On the top of that, having all the accessories without a bag will make everything in a scattered way or you will have to wrap them in a plastic bag. And this is simply just not a good deal.

Getting a decent bag for organizing the stuff will let you save a lot of time that you waster while looking for the missing joint or an adhesive mount. Pack your bag

and get it ready before you leave for the vacation or the trip.

Apart from the ones discussed above, people can also carry many other accessories during the tour to make the most of it. For that, it is also suggested to get in touch with a professional agency offering high-quality GoPro Hero 5 Accessories to make the pictures or footages worth sharing. In case of any query or suggestion about the post, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section.

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