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Huawei – Samsung Partnered to Enhance Features of Wearable

Post by : Ghirish Chibba October 02, 2017 0 Comment

Chinese multinational company Huawei has become partners with mCareWatch. This technology company has helped out Huawei to add some additional health monitoring features in the new Huawei Watch 2. The latest software of the watch has the ability to extrapolate health-related data from the fitness measurement tools that 4G enabled. Now users can link the obtained data to any Bluetooth biometric devices or to the existing app platform of mCareWatch.

Huawei Watch 2 is equipped with GPS tracking system, heart rate monitoring system, physical activity monitoring software. The watch also has the ability to measure weight and blood pressure with the assistance of supporting devices. Users can also take advantage of the GPS functionality to alert his or her family in an alarming situation. The product is also equipped with SOS button and also provides appointment and medication notification to the user. With the help of comfortable Huawei Watch Bands, users can wear it for the whole day long and take full advantage of the smartwatch.

Huawei Watch Bands

In a statement, the MD of mCareWatch Mr. Peter Apostolopoulos has said, “The Huawei Watch 2 is a quality product that addresses the need for 4G connectivity in a water-resistant watch that our clients can wear in the shower,” He also added, “(Huawei Watch 2) complements and enhances our software, user, and connectivity requirements.” So it is expected that the latest Huawei smartwatch model will be one of the best smart wearable devices for the time being.

In a recent study IDC has reported that the shipment of wearable devices has grown up to 10.3%. The number has reached 26.3 million during the second quarter of the current year. On the other hand, Garmin and other consumer electronics companies have announced in the IFA that they will also launch fitness tracking and monitoring wearable devices. In an interview, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) has cleared that the company is extremely interested to invest in the healthcare industry.

A few days earlier Samsung has also announced about their new partnership. They will also add a similar type of monitoring system on their own range of smartwatches (Samsung Gear S3 and S2). The wearable device is specially designed to monitor the fatigue level of the users during a workout.

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