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List of USB-C Docks and Dongles to Adopt for Your MacBook Pro

Post by : Ghirish Chibba October 30, 2017 0 Comment

MacBook Pro is known for its amazing performance and classy look. You can enjoy using its multifunction touch bar and watch movies on the brighter screen. But still, you have to deal with the slight inconvenience with the USB-C ports.

However, Apple has already prepared their customers for the latest industry standard when they introduced the USB-C port for the 12 inch MacBook.

USB-C allows users to transfer bi-directional power. The smaller port of the device is specially designed to measure the degrees of the thinness.

Many devices across all the brands have already been shifted to USB-C. However, technology has just started to write this chapter so users are going to put with adapters to plug in their external hard drives, HD video monitors, media card readers. Or they have to upgrade to wireless peripheral to sync it with their computer.

USB-C Adapters: Hubs, dongles and docks

In the below section we have listed some variety of best possible USB-C dongles and  docks. Please note that it is not a product review.

A dongle can be narrowly defined as a device that dangles data from a small cord. On the other hand, docks can be defined as an adapter that fits flush with the machine. You may have also noticed that there are some companies that call their products hubs.

So, check the below list and pick the most suitable model according to your convenience that will cover all of your plug-ins. Do not let it be your USB-C anxiety. You have to adjust but you can do it.


Apple has a wide range of products that are referred to dongles. This list also includes digital AV multiport adapter. Their 3-in-1 dongle includes standard USB-C adapter HDMI, USB-C, and USB.

USB-C adapter to HDMI

Moshi is another popular brand in this industry. They offer 5 different adapters in this category. The dongle style adapter works as a USB port. VGA adapter allows user to connect their laptop to a large monitor or projector. HDMI adapter, Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, and 3-in-1 hub adapter are also available in the house of Moshi.

These multiport Moshi adapters include standard USB port and allow video output.


This Moshing dongle is a standard USB port.


This hub is brought to you by Belinda. With its help, you can connect 3 USB cables at the same time.


This eye-catching product is manufactured by Cable Matters. This hub port stands for VGA, Ethernet, and HDMI.


After the announcement of USB-C, SCOSCHE Industries has also started to make USB-C adapters and hubs. In 2015, when Apple launched 12-inch MacBook, SCOSCHE Industries was the first brand to launch USB-C port. Recently SCOSCHE has also launched USB-C AV multiport adapter which is equipped with 3 different ports.

This USB-C port is manufactured by SCOSCHE.


After March 2017, Hyper’s 5-in-1 hub is also available in the market. It offers pass-through charging.

This is a 4-in-1 Type C port from the house of Hyper.


nonda is the best manufacturer that offers great USB-C docks at an affordable price.

This little USB port has brought to you by nonda.


After the big announcement of Apple, Belkin has also launched Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD. This dock will let you connect 5 Thunderbolt devices at the same time.

This is a Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD from the house of Belkin


Satechi has also introduced a wide range of adapters for aluminum adapters. The company also offers nifty USB-C Pass-through Hub that enlists a two standard port including USB-C port and slot for Micro SD media and mini SD card.

This pass-through hub is brought to you by Satechi that also serves as an SD card reader.


So these are the best USB-C for MacBooks. Hope the post was helpful and you have enjoyed reading it.

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