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Why the Quality of Strap is the Future of Smartwatches

Post by : Ghirish Chibba July 24, 2017 0 Comment

Few of the most popular smartwatch manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google or Pebble have really put on some great effort to make some extra ordinary smartwatches. However, the fact is wrist devices are not that appealing as a result it has also failed to take off its dream. Even if the manufacturer gets the right balance of the device’s size with its battery life, even in that case it would be able to act as a fitness tracking and smartphone compatible notification-showing device only.

We are currently seeing a new generation of a smartwatch that what we refer to hybrid smart watches. These are the devices that look like a traditional analog watch but they are compatible with smartphone apps and equipped with fitness-tracking mechanisms. Products like Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatches, Skagen Hagen Connected and Mistfit Phase are some good example of this category.

Instead of shoving tech components only, I believe smartwatch manufacturers now need to focus on different areas like smartwatch bands. It is important not only for them but also for the survival of the smartwatch. We have also seen some of the great attempts of this. Montblanc e-Strap has given it a nice shot and tried to get the best of the both worlds. Even the crowd funded Smart Buckle fits the requirement of standard smartwatch band buckle.

An Overview of Smartwatch Industry:

Based on the market research made by Federation of the Swiss watch industry, it is roughly estimated that 1.2 billion pieces have been sold in last year. In this 1.2 billion sold watches, 25.4 million pieces were Swiss watches. The potential market is much bigger than the reality. And the future of smartwatch is far more interesting.

How Smart Watches Can Hit the Market:

It is important for watch manufacturers to understand the actual application of smart watches. These watches are generally equipped with fineness tracking mechanism and potential buyers would like to buy this not because they are fans of fancy watches but they are fitness freaks.

smartwatch bands

Apple’s Apple Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Google’s Android Wear have pretty nice ability to track heartbeat. But it is next to impossible to perform physical activates like running, jogging, walking or even swimming while wearing an uncomfortable watch straps. So here I would like to draw the conclusion of this post that by enhancing the quality of smart watch bands, manufacturers can bounce back and hit the market again.


There are few online stores that offer high-quality Apple watch straps, Huawei watches bands, Samsung watch bands, and other popular smart watch straps.  While performing physical activities, owners can consider wearing these straps in order to have comfortable fitness training session.

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