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Tips to Become Master of Fitbit’s Stylish Fitness Tracker

Post by : Ghirish Chibba August 02, 2017 0 Comment

Fitbit Blaze is a perfect example of modern and advanced technology. The device is packed with great features and is still leading the wearable industry when it is all about jazzing up with the fitness trackers. It is said to be one of the most instinctive fitness trailers to be used.

From enhancing your sleep to tapping your phone’s GPS and to getting the utmost notification support, Fitbit Blaze comes with loads of other features. So, if you have already picked up or planning to get one then this post will be of great help for the buyers as here you will be availed with essential utilities of the Fitbit device.

Enjoy a Peaceful Sleep

The most distinct and indeed advanced feature of Fitbit Blaze is its sleep-tracking ability and the best part is that the makers have also made up gradation to the same. Now the device can track the sleep of a person in different stages. Based on the effective usage of your capricious heart rate as well as your movement, the device will make sure whether you are in deep, light or REM sleep. It also has the ability to serve you with daily sleep insights that would help you to get better sleep at night.

Pair Smartphone for GPS Mode

Buyers like you might find it very annoying as Fitbit Blaze does not have the inbuilt GPS. But it does not mean that people cannot track the cycling or running activities. They can harness the GPS with their phone. Make sure that GPS and Bluetooth are enabled on the phone.

Get Accurate Data

The wrist on which you are wearing your Blaze can have a big impact on the kind of data you gather throughout the day while you are moving or you are up for something. The app of Fitbit sets the defaulting to the tracker on the non-leading hand. If you use the device on your leading hand (the one with which you eat) you can adjust the settings of the blaze on the app itself. Thus it indicates that the Blaze can count for extra movement.

You can also enhance the level of accuracy with different methods and that is by measuring the stride length. This can be done by finding a place you all well aware of the distance and then count the steps. Then divide the overall distance with the number of steps taken to get your stride length. The best way to use your Fitbit device is to get an extraordinary and stylish Fitbit Blaze Band. This will enhance the elegance factor and the longevity of the device will be increased.

Fitbit Blaze Band

Set a Silent Alarm to Get a Gentle Nudge

In case you want to get a little gentle nudge early in the morning or you are looking for the same at any point of time in a day then you can enjoy this staple feature on your Fitbit Blaze. To set that you have to get into the accounts window on the app of Fitbit and then you have to get the Blaze icon. Tap on the Silent Alarms and then opt for a new alarm. As soon as you tap on the ZZ icon, the alarm will be activated and it will not even bug you till next 9 minutes.

Change the Overall Look of the Fitbit Blaze

One of the best things is that you can alter the Fitbit Blaze band and then can put the tracker into another frame. The procedure is very easy and you just have to push the tracker through the frame and the device will pop out of the same itself and you will be allowed to clip it to another frame. You just have to make sure that the bottoms are lined up properly on the frame. In order to exchange the bands, you just have to flip over the watch and then locate the quick release bars. Then slide them across and pull off the band.

Hope the readers find the post helpful in dealing with their Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker. This device is worth to have on your wrist and because of its some amazing features it is hyped in the market. The users of this device are highly satisfied with the utilities of Fitbit Blaze. So what are you thinking about? Just get your one from a reliable agency and enjoy the experience of having a great time.

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