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Tips to Use GoPro Underwater Accessories for Better Results

Post by : Ghirish Chibba July 07, 2017 0 Comment

GoPro action cameras are one of the most excellent tech-gadgets which are used to capture distinct underwater images. This post mainly deals with some of the most exciting tips to make great use of GoPro gadgets to get the best shots underwater. So, before you depart for your next trip, shed some time to read the post.

GoPro Underwater Accessories

  1. Properly Clean the Gasket

    It is important to ensure that there is no dirt on the white rubber gasket because if dirt remains then it may cause the case to leak. It is also important to make sure that the seal is properly tied up.

  2. Lens should be Cleaned

    Now comes the most important part and it is the lens of the camera. Make sure that the lens doesn’t have any fingerprint or dust. Also, check inside and outside of the housing lens.

  3. Make Use of Color Filter

    The use of red lens filter will make the underwater image looks better. Professional divers opt for magenta filter in green water and a red filter in blue water.

  4. Ensure the Settings are Perfectly Set

    Settings should be set entirely depending on the things you wish to capture. In order to capture still pictures, it is better to use time lapse with the highest resolution of one image every 0.5 or 1 second. In case of POV point of video) it is better to sue 1080 SuperView at 80fps.

  5. Remain at least 12 inches Away from the Subject

    In case you are not using microlens, it is better to maintain a minimum distance of 12 inches from the subject to get the perfect shot as getting close will make the image blur.

  6. Make Use of Rig or Selfie Stick

    In case you are dealing with GoPro Accessories and facing difficulty in mounting the camera on your head or chest, it is better to use a camera rig or a selfie stick. This will be helpful in shooting images of animals underwater.

  7. Wash the Housing After Every Dive

    It is better to clean the housing of the camera after every dive, especially after a dive in the salty water. It will safeguard your gadget from the threat of corrosion and further damage.

  8. Stop Water Drops on the Lens

    It is important to prevent your lens from getting water drops as it may ruin all the footages captured by you earlier.

  9. Avoid Having Wi-Fi Connectivity

    It is better to use GoPro Hero 5 Accessories or any other gadget without having Wi-Fi connectivity as it requires a connection with a mobile device which is at surface. So, the hassles of having settings might ruin the entire fun.

  10. Avoid Shooting in Front of the Sun

    You will get better image quality of you shoot with the sun at your back. Check out your position and then go for it.

GoPro Accessories

Hope these tips will help you to make shooting experience a memorable one for you and you will get absolute value for your device.

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