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Top 10 Latest MacBook Accessories – Boost the Performance of Your Laptop

Post by : Ghirish Chibba January 19, 2018 0 Comment

Apple devices are widely popular for their exemplary performances. The wide range of laptops manufactured, marketed and sold by Apple is known as MacBook and they are able to perform every different advanced task. However, it is important for MacBook owners to use some additional accessories along with their MacBook. It will not only enhance the look of their laptop but also improve the safety measures.

Meanwhile, using different accessories will also boost the performance of the MacBook. Users can consider using stickers, cases, and covers for protecting the laptop from physical and mechanical damages. On the other hand, using Thunderbolt cables, docks will enhance the performance of the laptop. In the below section we will take you through the top 10 latest MacBook accessories that will not only enhance the safety measures of your MacBook but also improve its performance.

MacBook Covers

MacBook is renowned for their lightweight features. Hence, it enables owners to carry it wherever they want. However, its mobile-friendly features also increase the chances of falling, smudging or dinging the laptop. In a situation like this using a MacBook covers help owners to protect their laptop from physical damages.

As a smart buyer if you know the art of looking at the right place and manage to buy a fashion-friendly cover, then you will be able to improve the appearance of your laptop. Based on your requirement you can choose both the design and the material for your cover.

Covers will also protect the back portion of your laptop from scratches, dust, and oil and ensure the durability of the main device. You can also design custom covers by using your photographs or artwork. It will enable you to showcase your emotion, passion or affection through the cover.

Automated Dock Stations

Using this accessory will enable you to convert your laptop into a workstation. By using this you can put together all the additional devices associated with your laptop. This is how having a dock station will enable you to create a comprehensive single unit. Buying an automated docking system will give you the freedom to focus on your core tasks.

Before buying a dock station owners are suggested to check that they can use all the ports on their laptop while using the device with the dock station. It will enable them to use the dock station, charging the laptop, using the speakers, exchanging data with another device all at the same time.


Having a MiniDrive will help owners to increase the available memory of their MacBook in no time. They are mainly available in 3 different categories including MiniDrive Pro, MiniDrive Retina and MiniDrive [Air]. Buyers can buy the one according to their need. MiniDrives are also available in many different colors. It is important for owners to understand the fact that MiniDrives are not equipped with MicroSD card. Owners have to buy that additionally.


This is one of the most popular vertical stands that help owners to keep their laptop in a stylish way. This silicone made stand is really easy you use. All you have to do just slide the laptop into the slot. Meanwhile, you can also consider connecting it with an external display device. Just add a keyboard and mouse to this setup and you will be all set to enjoy the desktop view or using your laptop as a desktop.

Thunderbolt Cables

Having a Thunderbolt cable help users to connect their MacBook to thunderbolt-compatible peripherals like display device, external hard drives etc. The advanced technology of Thunderbolt cables for MacBook supports lighting fast data transfer by creating 2 independent channels of 10 Gbit/s speed. It offers a maximum usable bandwidth of 10 Gbps.

Thunderbolt-equipped External Drive

Having an external device that is compatible with Thunderbolt technology will enable you to transfer data at a blazing speed. Meanwhile, it will also enable you to increase the internal disk space. Users are always suggested to buy an external hard disk from a reliable company. It requires a trusted device where you can back up your important data including both personal and official. The standard size of hard disk is 1TB but you can also consider buying a 2TB or 4TB external hard drive.


For a glance, it may seem a strange suggestion as most of the Apple laptops are still equipped with a headphone jack. The list even includes the top models of MacBook Pro. Stills Airpods are worth investing as it will enable you to create an entire ecosystem of Apple. Apple has launched this Airpod on the September of 2016. After its successful journey of over a year, it is fair to conclude that it is hard to find an alternative of Airpods. In case if you have fascinations for brands then you must opt for Airpods.

5K Display

Having a 5K display device will enable you to make the most use of your MacBook. This type of display device comes with a 5120 × 2880 display resolution. There are some quality companies that manufacture and sell 5K display device. Based on your fascination and need and you can buy the one.

Keyboard Covers

Similar to back cover, keyboard covers are also an essential accessory that helps owners to protect their laptop from food and drink spills. This is how having MacBook keyboard covers can protect your laptop from potential functional damages. Marketers have also revealed the fact that keyboard covers are also the most frequently bought laptop accessories. This market report also proves the fact the importance of having a keyboard cover.


This cord management tool is known for its amazing cable organizing feature. Users can use this clip-on cord with their power adapters. It enables users to unplug, pack and carry the power adapter easily within minimum time.

So these are the top 10 MacBook accessories that you can consider using for boosting the performance of your MacBook. Some of the accessories mentioned above will help you to improve the safety measures of your MacBook.

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